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Welcome Home Arcade Enthusiasts!!

Introducing  The Launcher!


If you own a home arcade, you probably have wanted a way to shut down your machine once you are finished playing your games.
This program can do it for you.
The Launcher can be programmed to launch just about any EXE or BAT program, then when that program finishes, The Launcher can shut down your computer.
This program is very much like my first launcher program, GLauncher.
The main differences between The Launcher and GLauncher is that GLauncher could only launch an arcade front end called Glaunch.
The Launcher can launch just about any program.
GLauncher also displayed a simple shutdown screen, and the user could only use the keyboard's ENTER key to cancel the shutdown.
The Launcher can use a shutdown screen designed by you, also, just about any of the keyboard's keys can be used to cancel the shutdown.

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